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Christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts


New this year, we have a Christmas gifts shop.


  • Christmas tree decorations
  • Christmas tree lights
  • Christmas tree stands
  • Hampers
  • Christmas gifts
  • Candles
  • small artificial Christmas trees
  • wrapping paper
  • and more


When you need those last minute gifts or want to save time on going to the shop, choose a gift easily and effectively.

*Christmas Gifts content

  • Hampers – there are a few types of hampers, from small to large.
    • Cooking Hamper as a Christmas gifts
    • Men Hamper as a Christmas gifts
    • Women Hamper as a Christmas gifts
    • unixes Hampers as a Christmas gifts
  • Christmas tree lights
    • LED remote control flashing lights, fully programmable
    • Standard Christmas tree lights
    • outdoor Christmas tree lights
  • Christmas tree stands
    • Cinco 8 for trees upto 8 foot
    • Cinco 10 stand between 5 foot and 10 foot trees
    • Cinco 12 stands between 6 foot and 12 foot trees
  • Christmas tree decorations
    • All sorts of decorations
    • balls
    • ribbons
    • figurines
    • and many more
  • small artificial Christmas trees
    • 30 centimetre in hight, ideal to be placed in other rooms where the large tree is not visible and still have the Christmas tree feeling.
    • LED 30 centimetre in high Christmas trees, these light up on batteries.
    • non decorated small artificial Christmas trees
    • decorated small Christmas trees
  • Candles
    • handmade Candles gifts, boxed and ready to be presented as a Christmas gifts
    • well presented and packed
    • made in Melbourne
  • wrapping paper
    • When you have all these Christmas gifts, we need wrapping paper.
    • Pickup your last minute wrapping paper when needed
    • all colours and patterns
  • more…
    • when at the farm, you’ll notice that there is more Christmas gifts

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